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Anthropology2_Golden_and_blue_like_my_heart_notes - 17:49...

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Anthro 2 – Golden and Blue Like My Heart 17:49 Golden and Blue Like My Heart The ethnography of modern society Chapters and Themes Classic ethnographies : people, place, culture E.E. Evans Pritchard The Nuer  (1940) Ethnographies of Modern Society Hutchinson: Nuer Dilemmas: Coping with War, Money, and the State  (1996) Ethnographies of the Modern Cities Nation State Liberalism, Neoliberalism Environmental crisis Transnational, Global, Migration Traditions within  Modernity Chapter 1: Introduction The ethnographic snippet “loyalty” vs. “heartfelt celebration” Corporatism, neoliberalism, something else? Identity and Soccer: “puros jovenes” Theoretical discussion
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1) Soccer 2) Categories and terms: o “ideal vision”, “social project”, “urban public society” 3) Social Organization: o the “crumbling pyramid” 4) Youth and disorder: “el desmadre”
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Anthropology2_Golden_and_blue_like_my_heart_notes - 17:49...

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