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KEY TERMS AND CONCEPTS ANTH 2 F 09 You will be tested in the midterm and final exams on a range of concepts and terms presented in the lectures and textbook. You will be responsible for the content of the textbook, and especially the following key terms presented in boldface. Chapter 1 Cultural relativism Emic Etic Ethnocentrism Ethnography Ethnology Holism Chapter 2 Adaptation Diffusion Enculturation Historical particularism Norms Plasticity Symbol Values Chapter 3 Cultural relativism Culture shock Participant observation Racism Chapter 5 Agriculture Foraging Horticulture Nomadic pastoralism Pastoralism Peasants Sedentary Subsistence strategies Swidden cultivation Transhumant pastoralism Chapter 6 Balanced reciprocity Cargo system Generalized reciprocity Household Market exchange Negative reciprocity
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Unformatted text preview: Reciprocity Redistribution Chapter 7 Bridewealth Clan Descent Endogamy Exogamy Inheritance Lineage Matrilineal Patrilineal Bilateral Succession Chapter 8 Hijras Sex Gender Gender stratification Patriarchy Chapter 9 Power Authority Rebellion Revolution Egalitarian societies Stratified societies Bands Tribes Chiefdoms Bigman State Bureaucracy Hegemony Chapter 10 Class Social Stratification Wealth Prestige Ascribed status Achieved status Caste system Chapter 11 Ethnic groups Nation state Multiculturalism Essentialism Chapter 12 Myths Revitalization movement Fundamentalism Synchretism Chapter 13 Joint stock company Colonialism Corvée labor Chapter 14 Modernization theory Neoliberalism Structural adjustment...
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