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Anthro 2 17:36 Modern Knowledge: Statistics and Geography Outline Statistics o Encyclopedia and enumerative o Population, territory, resources (People, place, thins) Armchair Anthropology: Social Evolution Franz Boas: ethnography Modernity Popular usage: current, actual, up to date. Academic usage: society, economy and culture during the last three  centuries. o Capitalism o Nation States o Industry/Technology o Colonialism o Liberalism Dominance of the individual actor to the nation state o Bureaucracy Modern Knowledge What kind of knowledge is required by these new modern social  arrangements> o Population (people and cultures) o Territory (places) o Resources (things)
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“General useful knowledge” o Holistic Statistics Encyclopedic Statistics (approx 1700-1840) o Description, images Enumerative Statistics (1840-Present) o Measurement: “a vast avalanche of printed numbers”
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Anthropology2_Modern_Knowledge - Anthro2 ModernKnowledge:...

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