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Anthropology2_Nature_and_Nurture - Anthro2 NatureandNurture...

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Anthro 2 17:40 Nature and Nurture Women and Men are different Bodies are different Different activities Biology or culture? Are there regularities across cultures? Biology: Sex Biological males and females Women: selective; monogamous o Pregnancy is a larger investment for women o Women have shorter reproductive life o Pregnancy, breastfeeding limits mobility Biology is not destiny Think Twice Sex attributes show a wide diversity o A continuum between “male” and “female” Intersex o Noticed in about 1 in 2000 births Sex changes Think twice about chalking difference up to biology Gender Gender:”the cultural construction of male and female characteristics” Gender roles
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Gender stratification Transgender Ethnology of Gender Men o Heavy work, hunting o Warfare o Public activities Women o Gathering o Childrearing o Domestic activities 
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