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Anthropology2_Political_Organization - Anth2 17:38...

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Anth 2 17:38 Political Organization Band, Tribe, Chiefdom, State Egalitarian, rank, and stratified societies Bands, tribes, chiefdoms, states Examples: Max Gluckman Review Kinship defines the basic relationships of belonging among men and women  their families, across generations Marriage is deeply social and economical What is “Politics” Who makes decisions o Leadership What kind of decisions o Conflicts How and why are decisions made? o Power and authority Social Differentiation Egalitarian Societies o Access to material resources for all o No one has power over others o Balanced reciprocity Rank Societies o Formal differences among individuals in prestige
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o Access for all to material resources (kinship) o Redistribution, surplus Stratified Societies o Formal and permanent social/economic inequalities Bands, Tribes, Chiefdoms, States “Types” described by Elman Service
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Anthropology2_Political_Organization - Anth2 17:38...

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