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Anthropology2_Race_and_Ethnicity - Anthro2 17:32...

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Anthro 2 17:32 Race and Ethnicity Race is social/cultural; NOT biological Ethnicity: identity based on “race”, language, religion, the nation-state, etc. Ethnicity a social relation not a cultural essence American Anthropological Association website on RACE  www.aaanet.org     Diversity Culture Race Ethnicity Sex/gender, class, environment, etc. Popular Understanding “ethnicities”, “cultures”, “peoples”, “nations” “races”: idea of separate biological groups o breeds of animals o skin color of humans o also linked to nation, culture, “volk” Essentialist view Original, distinct groups: “ideal types” Darwin:species originate in a single gene pool, not distinct races
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Populations? Human populations sometimes called “races” Population biology o A race is a cluster of local populations that differs genetically from others
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