Anthropology2_Religion - Anthro2 Religion Basicconcepts...

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Anthro 2 17:41 Religion Basic concepts Religion and social change Production, social organization, and religion Common Ideas of Religion Beliefs, feelings Gods, spirits, supernatural Rituals Tradition Magic Using supernatural technique to achieve specific goals Bronislaw Malinowski (1925) Magic, Science and Religion o Magic and science in fishing in the Trobriands Ritual Repetitive, formalized performative Social activity Ritual and power Is ritual always “religious”? Religion and Social Organization Totemism: natural order organizes social order. Social groups associated with a plant or animal (totem): creates unity Totems in our society?
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Revitalization Movements Social change Search for new order Charismatic leader Deep changes called for Cargo Cults Great magical value assigned to Euroamerican goods Syncretism o Resurrection
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Anthropology2_Religion - Anthro2 Religion Basicconcepts...

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