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application concrete weight coating 1999 - NAPCA BULLETIN...

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NAPCA BULLETIN 18-99 APPLICATION PROCEDURES FOR CONCRETE WEIGHT COATING APPLIED BY THE COMPRESSION METHOD TO STEEL PIPE GENERAL a. These specifications may be used in whole or in part by any party without prejudice, if recognition of the source is included. The National Association of Pipe Coating Applicators (NAPCA) assumes no responsibility for the interpretation or use of these specifications. b. The intended use of this coating is to provide protection and/or negative buoyancy for buried or submarine pipelines. c. The following definitions apply: i. Applicator - The contractor who applies the coating to the pipe. ii. Company - The purchaser of the coated pipe or the entity for whom the Applicator coats the pipe. iii. NAPCA- National Association of Pipe Coating Applicators. iv. Manufacturer- The company that makes the coating materials which are applied to the pipe. v. ASTM- American Society for Testing and Materials. Scope a. The Applicator shall furnish all labor, equipment and material required, and shall apply the coating to all surfaces to be coated. b. Protection and/or negative buoyancy, as provided under this specification, is furnished by the application of concrete weight coating to the exterior of pipe. Pipe Conditions a. Pipe delivered to the Applicator for coating shall be free of protective oils, lacquers, mill primer, dirt or any other deleterious surface contamination which may affect the application of the coating. b. Any identification markings or stenciling on the external pipe surface shall be located on the cutback area in a transverse direction or alternatively on the internal pipe surface.
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Handling of pipe a. Proper equipment for unloading, handling and temporary storage of pipe shall be used to avoid any damage to the pipe, pipe ends or corrosion coating. b. If internally coated pipe is received at the Applicator’s plant, care shall be taken to avoid damage to the internal coating or the obliteration of the internal pipe markings during all phases of work covered by this specification. Internal coatings must be capable of withstanding the processing conditions necessary for the application of the concrete weight coating. The Applicator shall visibly inspect the pipe upon receipt for damage such as dents, flat ends, bevel damage, or corrosion coating damage. Any damage observed at this point shall be noted on the inbound tally, and the Company shall be informed within 24 hours of receipt of the pipe. Materials and Workmanship All material furnished by the Applicator shall be of the specified quality. All work shall be done in a thorough workmanlike manner. The entire operation of pipe receiving, stockpiling, coating application, storage and loadout shall be performed under the supervision of and by experienced personnel skilled in the application of concrete weight coating. Equipment
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application concrete weight coating 1999 - NAPCA BULLETIN...

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