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effect of permafrost on cp

effect of permafrost on cp - ABSTRACT Increasing numbers of...

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ABSTRACT: Increasing numbers of pipelines constructed in the western and northern areas of China are buried in discontinuous permafrost, and certain challenges need to be met in the design of cathodic protection (CP) system. In this work numerical simulation is conducted to predict the cathodic protection potential distribution of pipeline buried in discontinuous permafrost. The simulations are in good agreement with experiments, showing that significant differences exist under various seasons and anode beds, such as zinc ribbon anodes, deep ground anodes and shallow horizontal anodes. The results can provide valuable references for engineering design and operation of CP systems in discontinuous permafrost areas. INTRODUCTION: The permafrost is defined as those areas where temperature is below 0°C and the frozen status continues for more than 3 years. It can be further divided into continuous permafrost and discontinuous permafrost, of which the latter means a region of permafrost surrounded by non-permafrost soil. There is a lot of permafrost in the
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