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SCOPE OF WORK - following standard and specifications...

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SCOPE OF WORK The following is general scope of work for CP inspection; - Inspection of Transformer Rectifier (TR) unit operating condition - System adjustment of ICCP system (if necessary) - Measurement of voltage and current output of the transformer rectifier units - ‘On’ and ‘Instant Off’ potential measurement on the buried pipelines with respect to portable Cu/CUSO4 reference electrode - Insulating flange inspection - Soil Resistivity Survey - Close Interval Potential Survey (CIPS) at 3-5 meters interval STANDARDS AND RECOMMENDED PRACTICE Cathodic protection system currently available in TTM has been designed, manufactured, tested, installed and commissioned in accordance with all applicable sections of the latest edition of the following standards and publications. Inspection activities are bind by the
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Unformatted text preview: following standard and specifications, National/International Codes and Standard (1) National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)-Control of External Corrosion on Underground Submerged Metallic Piping Systems - SP-0169-2007.-Performing Close-Interval Potential Surveys and DC Surface Potential Gradient Surveys on Buried or Submerged Metallic Pipelines-SP-0207-2007-Mitigation of Alternating Current and Lightning Effects on Metallic Structures and Corrosion Control Systems - SP-0177-1995.-Electrical Isolation of Cathodically Protected Pipeline - SP-0286-2007. (2) British Standard Institute (BSI) 7361-Part1-Cathodic Protection - Code of Practice for land and marine applications....
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