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Tables of Contents : Liquid Penetrant Testing (Level 1) 1. Introduction a. Brief history of nondestructive testing and liquid penetrant testing b. Purpose of liquid penetrant testing c. Basic principles of liquid penetrant testing d. Types of liquid penetrants commercially available 2. Liquid Penetrant Processing a. Preparation of parts b. Adequate lighting c. Application of penetrant to parts d. Removal of surface penetrant
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Unformatted text preview: e. Inspection and evaluation f. Postcleaning 3. Various Penetrant Testing Method a. Current ASTM and ASME standard method b. Characteristic of each method c. General application of each method 4. Liquid Penetrant Testing Equipment a. Liquid penetrant testing units b. Lighting equipment and light meters c. Materials for liquid penetrant testing d. Precautions in liquid penetrant inspection...
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