Tables of Contents-Ultrasonic testing level 1

Tables of - d Attenuation of sound waves e Acoustic impedance f Reflection g Refraction and mode conversion h Snell’s law and critical angles i

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Tables of Contents : Ultrasonic Testing (Level 1) 1. Introduction a. Definition of ultrasonics b. History of ultrasonic testing c. Applications of ultrasonic energy d. Basic math review e. Responsibilities of levels of certification 2. Basic Principles of Acoustics a. Nature of sound waves b. Modes of sound wave generation c. Velocity, frequency, and wavelength of sound waves
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Unformatted text preview: d. Attenuation of sound waves e. Acoustic impedance f. Reflection g. Refraction and mode conversion h. Snell’s law and critical angles i. Fresnel and Fraunhoper effects 3. Equipment a. Basic pulse-echo instrumentation b. Digital thickness instrumentation c. Transducer operation and theory d. Couplants 4. Basic Testing Methods a. Contact b. Immersion...
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