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GRAD 61200: Responsible Conduct in Research Fall 2011: Weeks 1-8 1 Section 001: Mondays, 9:30am – 11:20am CIVL 1113 Instructor: Peter E. Dunn Office: HOVD 335 Contact information: e-mail: [email protected] ; phone: 494-3996 Catalog description: Sem. 1 and 2. Class 1, cr. 1. Corequisite: students must be registered for M.S. or Ph.D. thesis research in their home department, or consent of instructor. Overview of values, professional standards and regulations that define responsible conduct in research. Students learn the values and standards of responsible research through readings and lecture/discussion, and practice application of these values and standards to research situations through class discussion of case studies from life sciences research. Course description: In addition to developing experience and learning the tools of research in a discipline, it is critical that graduate students become familiar with the values, regulations and professional standards that define the responsible conduct in scientific research. Often this familiarity is gained through informal conversations with mentors, experience, and the necessity of dealing with specific regulatory requirements. Sometimes this familiarity is gained more painfully through a corrective action after an unintended mistake is made. This course will provide a familiarity with values, requirements and professional standards that define responsible research in a more formal and structured setting, and also provide students the opportunity to practice applying the standards to research-related situations. Case studies utilized as a catalyst for discussion will draw upon situations arising in life
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syllabus_F2011_sec001-1 - GRAD 61200 Responsible Conduct in...

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