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Intro to Cinema April 6 Atonement Briony, Robbie, Cecelia 1935, 1940, Present day Doll House is a replica (representation) of the house they live in. Representation of her life, typewriter showing we are in her book. Projection of her imagination tying into her book. The act of writing frames/centers the film. Briony introduced with depth and mystery. What is she thinking? And why? Match flare and Robby's death Must be Briony's memory because the place on the postcard doesn't exist. Reverse time to refuse reality in a visual metaphor. Change life Substitute world gets imagined Giving of the postcard must not have actually occurred because that place
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Unformatted text preview: doesnt exist Briony's creation. Passion between them. Wants them to be together to atone for what she did. Vanessa Redgrave (adult Briony) talking about the book People tell stories because sometime life and the truth is unbearable. Marcel Carne's Port of Shadows (1938) about doomed lovers. .. the movie being projected Panavision's Hylen lens system to make scene appear unsure if real or not. dreamlike Subtle light change done in post production. Look up for light and then darken when looks down. . went into a portal 5.5 minute steadicam shot...
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