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Intro to Cinema notes April 13 - -Stylistic alternative to...

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Intro to Cinema April 13 Singin' in the Rain Musicals -Grease (1978) $380m worldwide -Chicago (2002) $306m -Phantom of the Opera (2004) $158m -Dreamgirls (2006) $154m -Sweeney Todd (2007) $150m -Hairspray (2007) $207m -The Lion King (1994) -Shrek (2001) -The Polar Express (2004) -A new genre tied to the beginning of sound filmmaking (The Jazz Singer, 1927) -Tow figures dominate the 1930s: -Busby Berkeley and Fred Astaire -Busby Berkeley (Warner Bros.) -Kaleidoscopic effects -Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933) -42nd Street (1933) Fred Astaire -"Can't act, Slightly bald. Can dance a little" -Teams with Ginger Rogers in series of 10. .. -Top Hat (1935) -Swing Time (1936) -Shall We Dance (1937) -Epitomized elegance and sophistication -Top hat, tie, tails, walking stick -Choreographed his own numbers -Camera specifications MGM (growling lion) Arthur Freed (producer at MGM) -"the Freed unit" -responsible for the great MGM musicals of the 1940s and 1950s Gene Kelly -Hollywood's other song-and-dance master
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Unformatted text preview: -Stylistic alternative to Astaire-dance in jeans instead of dress clothes. . or dance in rain. ..(singin' in the rain)-The Wizard of Oz (1939)-Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)-The Pirate (1948)-On the Town (1949) (first to shift from studio to on-location)-An American in Paris (1951)-Singin' in the Rain (1952) Singin in the Rain-Portrait of Hollywood during transition to sound-Vitophone - didn't think it would last. ..?-Dialogue coaches - screwed actors up because dialogue became not real-Evoking the musical's early style - Busby Berkeley-Problems with early sound recording technology-Gene Kelly style dance choreography-Bursting the boundaries of realism The Musical-The genre descended from theater, vaudeville, comedy sketches and songs-Thus, episodic structure-Narrative line is slight and furnishes basis for song-and-dance-of all genres, the musical is least oriented toward narrative...
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Intro to Cinema notes April 13 - -Stylistic alternative to...

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