Intro to Cinema notes Feb. 16

Intro to Cinema notes Feb. 16 - Leaves after one year b/c...

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2/16/11 Intro to Cinema Virtual Performance -Digital tools enable virtual performing -Using an actor as the basis for a CG character -"The Uncanny Valley" -Masahiro Mori, Energy 7: 33-35 (1970) -As robots become humanlike, they elicit greater empathy until a threshold is reached Because of the uncanny valley, CG characters generally avoid photo-realism. ex. Shrek = not human Eyes and facial tone and expression pose problems for films like The Polar Express Marker based-faces are the problem. -Pitt 'plays' button after the other characters did with visual displacement=Pitt's head but not his body. Charles Chaplin (1899-1977) "He was a monument of the cinema of all countries and all times. He inspired practically every filmmaker." - Rene Clair Keystone Company 1913 Rough childhood. .. $150/week 2 one reelers(10 min.) per week In second film, Mabel's Strange predicament, Chaplin finds the costume.
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Unformatted text preview: Leaves after one year b/c wouldn't get a raise Essanay (1915) $1,215 per week 14 comedies in one year $10,000 bonus for each Leaves after one year Mutual (1916-17) $670,000 per year 12 two reelers in 12 months. First National (1918-1922) Built own studio $1 million per year 8 films in 18 months Takes 5 years to make them United Artists (1923-1957) Independent distributor formed by Chaplin and other film artists Feature film = running for 1 hour or longer. Chaplin switches to feature films. Ex. The Gold Rush.(1925) A woman of Paris (1923) The Circus (1928) Sound came in 1927. . City Lights (1931) still no sound Modern Times (1936) still silent Last movie he plays the Tramp The Great Dictator (1940) Monsieur Verdoux (1947) Limelight (1954) Moved to Switzerland for rest of his life. The Circus...
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Intro to Cinema notes Feb. 16 - Leaves after one year b/c...

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