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Intro to Cinema notes May 4

Intro to Cinema notes May 4 - -MFA UCLA Film and Television...

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Intro to Cinema May 4 Real Women Have Curves -HBO Independent Productions -Distributor: Newmarket -Negative cost: $3 million -Box office gross: $6 million Patricia Cardoso (director) -Born in Columbia, trained as an archaeologist -Came to U.S. in 1987 -Graduated UCLA film school 1994 -Director of Latin American Programs, Sundance Film Institute Josefina Lopez (screenwriter) -Born Mexico, came with family at age 5 to U.S. as undocumented workers -Lived without documentation for 13 years in east Los Angeles
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Unformatted text preview: -MFA, UCLA Film and Television School-With her mother and two sisters, she worked in sewing factories-Her play, a comic portrait of undocumented women living in fear of INS, came from this experience-Estella the main character in the play-Focus shifted to Ana for the film America Ferrera (lead actor)-Born in U.S., parents immigrated from Honduras-This was her first film-...
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