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EEL4884_ESD_Spr07_HW1 - EEL 4884 Spring 2007 Homework#1 Due...

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EEL 4884- Spring 2007 Homework #1 Due: March 26, 2007 A hard copy has to be handed in to the instructor at the beginning of the class period. Send the soft copy of your model to the email address of the TA ( [email protected] ) No late submission will be accepted Problem statement: Suppose that you are working as a system analyst for a company which is a leading vehicle selling company. It sells automobiles (cars, trucks, bikes and SUV’s) to interested buyers. It needs a software system for the business and you have been asked to analyze the requirements and design appropriately. Following are the requirements of the system: The system has two kinds of users: dealer and buyer. The buyer can inquire about the list of vehicles available from the dealer. The buyer is interested in obtaining the following information for each vehicle: 1. Make 2. Model 3. Year 4. Price 5. Color 6. Accumulated miles The buyer has a budget range with minimum and maximum values and can only buy a vehicle within this budget range.
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