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college freeway#1 - 1. In order for children to reach their...

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1. In order for children to reach their full potential with regards to cognitive development, it is imperative that children acquire strong impulse control and the ability to delay gratification. Research has shown that a child’s ability to regulate and control their impulses at age 4 correlated with higher SAT verbal and math scores at ages 15-18. The ability to plan ahead and not become distracted easily during adolescence was also strongly correlated with impulse control behavior at age 4. Mischel and Ebbesen tested the ability of a number of 4 year olds to delay gratification by placing a child in a room with a bell. The experimenters told each child that they would receive candy if they rang the bell. However, if the child could wait for a given amount of time without ringing the bell for candy, they would receive a greater amount of candy. Some children were not able to wait, and they rang the bell in order to receive candy immediately. Other children, however, were able to control their impulses and wait in order to receive more candy. They were able to regulate themselves through such activities as clapping or looking at their reflection in the bell. As noted previously, children who partook in this experiment at age 4 were evaluated during adolescence (ages 15-18) and evaluated for a number of characteristics. The results mentioned previously indicate that the ability to self-regulate does indeed seem to have a rather large influence on cognitive development. As such, I would recommend both parents and teachers emphasize impulse control in daily activities. Policy makers could work to develop and implement programs and recommend teaching techniques in elementary and preschools that would aid in the development of self-regulated behavior. For example, children often model the behavior of adults, so parents and teachers should make sure that they themselves display a strong
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college freeway#1 - 1. In order for children to reach their...

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