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After a node witnesses an event an agent may be

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Unformatted text preview: and travels around the network. Each agent contains an events table, including the routing information for all events it knows. Since an event happens in a zone, composed of several or many nodes, it's possible more than one agents are created from the zone and moving in the network. Rumor Routing Algorithm Algorithm Description When a node observes an event, it will add the event to its event table and may also create an agent. An agent will travel in the network and its routing table will be updated if there's a shorter path to an event within the routing table of the node it is visiting. In a similar way, the routing table of the currently visited node will be updated if its route to an event is more costly than the agent's. Any node may generate a query for a particular event. If it knows the route to the event, it will transmit the query. Otherwise, the query will be sent in a random direction, and this continues until the query reach a node which has a route to the event. Rumor Routing Algorithm Adapted from [Braginsky+ 2002] Rumor Routing Algorithm Adapted from...
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