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PS 175 07:12 Science vs. Politics Science vs. Politics: The Problem Ideal Scientists study, discover and report findings Public and politicians consider their input Reality Some people and politicians distrust scientists People reject scientific findings even when consensus exists among scientists Because People do not learn directly from scientits Sources of Public Knowledge about Science School o Education is limited o Many students do not complete HS or college o Social science/humanities students avoid science o Older people were in classrooms long ago E.g. Attention to climate change dates to the 1980s, a consensus dates  to the late 1990s Mass Media o Science journalism limited o Journalists’ norm: to cover two sides of issues o Some scientists argue that HIV does not cause AIDS, but is a passenger  virus Politicians o When out leaders tell us about science, we tend to believe them
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Policy advocacy groups o
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PolSci175_Science_vs_Politics - PS175 07:12...

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