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Lecture 37, Week14-2, Minimalism

Lecture 37, Week14-2, Minimalism - Minimalism Philip...

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Unformatted text preview: Minimalism Philip Glass – I. Opening from Glassworks (1982) 1. What kind of music are we learning about today? •  •  •  •  •  (a) spectralism (b) New Complexity (c) integral serialism (d) minimalism (e) quotaJon and collage music Tony Conrad sez: Minimalism is “making more out of less.” Context in Art (Rauschenberg) Minimalism: The MacGyver of Music The Big Four – La Monte Young – Steve Reich – Terry Riley – Philip Glass What is Minimalism? •  ReacJon to post ­war avant ­garde 1960s ­onward: –  serialism –  chance –  sound mass (Stockhausen – Mantra, Part I) (John Cage – Book of Changes, I.) (LigeJ – Atmosphères) •  Prolonged and/or repeJJve musical phrases •  Simple or staJc harmonic structure •  Typically very consonant sounding Steve Reich – Four Organs Pa_erns in Minimalism DuraJon in Minimalism •  Time keeps on going and going and going and going and going and… •  RepeJJon •  ProlongaJon •  AugmentaJon In other words… •  Philip Glass: “music with repeJJve structures” •  Steve Reich: “music as a gradual process” •  La Monte Young: “No, minimalism is fine.” •  Terry Riley: “No, minimalism is fine.” 2. Against which of the following was minimalism NOT reacJng? •  •  •  •  (a) sound mass composiJon (b) serialism (c) collage music (d) chance music La Monte Young •  •  •  •  •  •  Born 1935 Started composing as a serialist Stopped Most amenable to label “minimalist” DuraJonal minimalism The Well ­Tuned Piano – his magnum opus –  a 6+ hour long work Steve Reich •  •  •  •  Born 1936 Learned serial composiJon Didn’t like it “music as a gradual process” •  Phase music: Come Out, Violin Phase •  Being a percussionist, very much a rhythmic kind of person Phase Shiging •  Playing a loop of music on two tape decks •  One played back slower than the other •  Effect: out of phase, out of sync, offset sound •  It’s Gonna Rain (1965): rain falling down •  Violin Phase (1967) Think of car blinkers… It’s Gonna Rain (1965) It's gonna rain! It's gonna rain! It's gonna rain! It's gonna rain! It's gonna. It's gonna. It's gonna. It's gonna. It's gonna. It's gonAin. It's gonAin. It's gonAin. It's gon. Ain. It's g. Ain. It's g. Ain. It's g. Ain. It's g. Rain. Gon. It's. It's. Rain. It's. Rain. Rain. Rain. Gon. Gon. Gon. 3. What’s Gonna Happen? •  •  •  •  (a) It’s gonna rain! (b) It’s gonna sleet! (c) It’s gonna snow! (e) Nothin’ Dog Show Phase 4. From what or who did Reich figure out “phase music”? •  •  •  •  •  (a) a dog (b) Will Ferrell (c) car blinkers (d) tape recorders (e) clapping Examples of Reich’s music •  Violin Phase (1967) •  Drumming (1970) •  Music for 18 Musicians (1974) •  Vermont Counterpoint (1982) Philip Glass •  Born 1937 •  “music with repeJJve structures” •  Probably most publicly known •  His music in film and other media: –  The Truman Show –  The Hours –  The Illusionist –  Watchmen –  Grand TheF Auto IV Examples of Glass’s music •  String Quartet No. 5 (1992) •  Score for The Hours (2001) Is this minimalism? •  Beethoven – Piano Sonata No. 14 –  aka “Moonlight Sonata” In Popular and Rock Music… •  Beetles – Daytripper •  Beetles – Tomorrow Never Knows Selling insurance? (Farmers Insurance HelpPoint ) The French do it too? (Yann Tiersen – CompPne d’un autre été: L’après ­midi from Amélie) 5. Do the French also do it? •  (a) Yes •  (b) No •  (c) What is “it”? ...
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