Syllabus - Metaphysics Philosophy 3640 Fall 2008 Professor...

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Metaphysics Philosophy 3640 Fall 2008 Professor Karen Bennett 322 Goldwin Smith Hall Office Hours: TBA Note: My office is not wheelchair accessible. Please call or e-mail me if you need to set up a meeting in an alternate location. Texts What is a Law of Nature?, David Armstrong Properties , eds. D. H. Mellor and Alex Oliver (Oxford Readings in Philosophy) Universals: an Opinionated Introduction , David Armstrong Causation , eds. Ernest Sosa and Michael Tooley (Oxford Readings in Philosophy) Additional readings will be made available via Blackboard. Further Resources • On reserve at Uris: A Companion to Metaphysics , eds. Jaegwon Kim and Ernest Sosa Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction , Michael Loux Causation and Counterfactuals , eds. L.A. Paul, Ned Hall, and John Collins • On the web: The Cornell Library maintains a list of online philosophy resources here: In particular, I recommend the following: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy: The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy: Assessment • Papers: 70% Two papers, worth 35% each. For undergrads, these should be 8-10 pages long; for grad students, they should be 10-12 pages long. (Normal font size and margins all ‘round, please.) • Homework and Participation: 30% A brief homework assignment will be due every Monday at 11 AM. Undergrad version:
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Syllabus - Metaphysics Philosophy 3640 Fall 2008 Professor...

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