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Assignment 3 – 3DUI Gaming Paper CAP6121 Due: 3/18/11 11:59pm In this assignment, you will write a paper exploring how to bring existing 3D user interface research into the video game domain. The goal of the assignment is to get you thinking creatively on how to effectively improve user experience utilizing 3D spatial interaction. Instructions Choose 4 3D interaction techniques from “3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice” and discuss how they could be incorporated into the following game genres: 1. Sports games 2. First/Third Person Shooters 3. Real Time Strategy games 4. Rhythm games 5. Action/Adventure games For each technique and genre, ask the following questions: 1. How would this technique make this game genre better? Give two or three specific
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Unformatted text preview: gameplay examples. 2. How would you implement the technique using the Microsoft Kinect or Sony Move. 3. How do you think this technique will improve the user experience? In addition to the above requirements, also discuss how 3D stereo can be used in the 5 game genres listed above and how it can be an integral part of gameplay. The length of the paper should be as long as it needs to be and the paper should be written as a paper and not a series of answers to the questions. Please put considerable thought into the answers. Use references as needed. You will be graded on your exposition and creativity....
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