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SET ISO8859-1 TRY esianrtolcdugmphbyfvkwzESIANRTOLCDUGMPHBYFVKWZ' NOSUGGEST ! # ordinal numbers COMPOUNDMIN 1 # only in compounds: 1th, 2th, 3th ONLYINCOMPOUND c # compound rules: # 1. [0-9]*1[0-9]th (10th, 11th, 12th, 56714th, etc.) # 2. [0-9]*[02-9](1st|2nd|3rd|[4-9]th) (21st, 22nd, 123rd, 1234th, etc.) COMPOUNDRULE 2 COMPOUNDRULE n*1t COMPOUNDRULE n*mp WORDCHARS 0123456789 PFX A Y 1 PFX A 0 re . PFX I Y 1 PFX I 0 in . PFX U Y 1 PFX U 0 un . PFX C Y 1 PFX C 0 de . PFX E Y 1 PFX E 0 dis . PFX F Y 1 PFX F 0 con . PFX K Y 1 PFX K 0 pro . SFX V N 2 SFX V e ive e SFX V 0 ive [^e] SFX N Y 3 SFX N e ion e SFX N y ication y SFX N 0 en [^ey] SFX X Y 3 SFX X e ions e SFX X y ications y SFX X 0 ens [^ey] SFX H N 2 SFX H y ieth y SFX H 0 th [^y] SFX Y Y 1 SFX Y 0 ly . SFX G Y 2
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SFX G e ing e SFX G 0 ing [^e] SFX J Y 2 SFX J e ings e SFX J 0 ings [^e] SFX D Y 4 SFX D 0 d e SFX D y ied [^aeiou]y SFX D 0 ed [^ey] SFX D 0 ed [aeiou]y SFX T N 4 SFX T 0 st e SFX T y iest [^aeiou]y SFX T 0 est [aeiou]y
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This note was uploaded on 08/25/2011 for the course ECON 101 taught by Professor Dude during the Spring '11 term at Columbia SC.

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en-US - SET ISO8859-1 TRY...

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