Homework5 - º ± ² »¹ ² »¹¼ ½ ½± ¼² »¼¼¼¼...

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Homework5 (CE215) Due on 27July 2010 Question 1. Draw SFD and BMD for following problem: (±) ² ³± ´ µ ¶± µ · Question 2. Get the position (x=?) if the two equal point loads ('a' distance apart) acts as shown below so that the shear force in between them will always be zero? And for what x, will there be zero bending bending moment between the two loads? ± ² ¸¹ ²
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Unformatted text preview: º ± ² »¹ ² »¹¼ ½ ½± ¼² »¼¼¼¼ P P L x=? a Question4. Twp equal and opposite force are acting about the center of a beam. A concentrated moment is applied at the center of the beam. Draw the BMD and SFD for this configuration of loading. For what M0 (in terms of rest of the quantities) will there be no reaction forces at the supports? P P L (L-a)/2 a M0...
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Homework5 - º ± ² »¹ ² »¹¼ ½ ½± ¼² »¼¼¼¼...

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