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MAE2312/CE2313 Strength of Materials Exam 1 Topics Fall 2006 Policy: Close notes; close book; no cell phone use during the exam; one formula sheet is allowed; calculator is allowed; work on provided exam sheets only; addition papers can be requested. Duration: 80minutes (10/16/06 5:30-6:50pm) Preparation: 1. Problem exercise section : 10/11/2006 5:30-6:50pm TA will work through Problems 1-28, 2/23/24, 4-84, 5-71, 6-21 and example 5.2 2. Additional office hours : Monday 2-5:00pm at WH315J. If you can not make to the office hour, contact the TA at [email protected] to make an appointment 3. All course notes and homework solutions are available at WebCT under course
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Unformatted text preview: contents 4. Example topics (chapter 1-5, section 6.1, 6.2) a. Free-body diagram b. Stresses (average normal stress, average shear stress, general state of stresses) c. Design criteria (allowable stress, factor of safety, stress concentration factor) d. Deformation & strain e. Mechanical properties of material (stress-strain curve, identification of material properties from stress-strain curve, identification of difference material behaviors from the stress-strain curve,) f. Deformation of axially loaded member g. Statically indeterminant members (tension, shear, thermal stress) h. Torsional stress/deformation i. Shear& moment diagram...
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