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Exam1 - AME 331 Exam 1 Fall 2010 Prof Jesse Little 1(30...

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Unformatted text preview: AME 331 Exam 1 Fall 2010 Prof. Jesse Little 10/4/10 1. (30 points) Water flows down a pipe that is inclined 30o as show below. Find the pressure wn difference, Δp=pA‐pB, if L=1.5 m and h=15 cm. SGHg= 13.55 2. (45 points) A static thrust stand for testing a jet engine is sketched below with some information on run conditions. You may neglect an y contributions from the fuel entering the engine. Estimate the force required to hold the e ngine in place. V2=500 m/s P2=Patm V1=200 m/s A1 =1 m2 P1=‐22.5 kPa T1=268 K 3. (25 points) A velocity field is given by V = yti ‐ 4xj. C alculate the equation for the streamline passing through the point (x,y)=(0,1) at t=1 sec. ...
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