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administrative ethics paper!!! - Running head:...

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Running head: ADMINISTRATIVE ETHICS PAPER 1 Administrative ethics paper Dannielle DeSpiegelaere HCS/335 Monday 25, 2011 Nancy Moody
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ADMINISTRATIVE ETHICS PAPER 2 Administrative ethics paper Administrative ethics issue concerning with patients right of privacy. Concerning comes to health care and administrative ethics it is important that the patient’s medical information is protected because there has to be a professional relationship between physicians and patients at all times. In the paper he or she learn about call “Privacy Protection of health information: Patient rights and physicians responsibilities.”It is important to know the facts of patient privacy, what are ethical and legal issues reported for the administrative issue. Furthermore, I will discuss the solutions for the protection of patient privacy. The most occurring problem with patient privacy is with new medical students that are becoming doctors. The med students are posting patient information on the Internet on an website called “Facebook” and “Twitter.” The posting on the Internet include patients health information, and the surgeries that patients are given. Sometimes there are even pictures on the surgeries posted on the web pages. Thus, meaning that patient information is on Internet and allowing everyone in the world to see the patient health information. These impacts a large amount patient’s life’s and affects them most. Because health information on any patient in any population health information can be seen by anyone would wishes to look at the information. Not only that once a patient’s health information is put on web it becomes hard for the
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administrative ethics paper!!! - Running head:...

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