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When it comes to organization ethical values at Children’s Hospital it is an outstanding leadership. At the Children’s hospital they are consistent with missions, visions, and values at all Children’s hospital medical centers. Children’s mission is due what is right for the children. The Hospital’s Vision/and goal is to improve the health of all children. The organization ethical values are to commit the highest ethical standards in all activities that children’s hospitals offer. The organization values are to always carry out the responsibilities in honesty, integrity and openness. The children’s hospital goal it to strive to promote a working environment that allows values of respect, fairness, and the ethical conduct throughout the organization. At all Children’s Hospital around the world the organization ethics and values are to make sure that
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Unformatted text preview: all the research is conducted according to the highest scientific and ethical standards. Due to the fact that Children’s Hospital has to speak for the children to make sure that mission of doing what is right for children always come first. Thus, means that the physicians, nurses and other staff members need to make sure that he or she does not have a confect of interest when dealing for the general health of him or her patient, which can happen when dealing with children. At Children’s Hospital their organization ethical values are important to have because the physicians do have to speak for the children seen at the organization because some of them cannot speak for themselves, which means the physicians need to do what is best for the children and allow the ethical values of the organization to be in play at all time while caring for the children....
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