Stages of the Research Process

Stages of the Research Process - Stages of the Research...

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Stages of the Research Process In this course, you follow the same basic writing process you have used in other writing courses: prewriting, writing, rewriting, and proofreading. For a review of the writing process, see the Axia Writing Style Handbook at the Center for Writing Excellence at ( Note. You must be logged into eCampus in order to access the file). Research writing, however, requires higher-level critical-thinking skills and research that is more detailed. Using a systematic process to write a research paper is important because your research and writing will be stronger, more convincing, and better organized. As you write the research paper, adhere to the following guidelines: Step 1: Beginning the Project Think About the Assignment It is important that you understand the assignment requirements before you begin. Start by reviewing the details for the research paper. Print the requirements and then jot down your questions, comments, or ideas in the margins. Consider these questions as well: Are you able to select your own topic, or has the instructor specified the topic for you? What kinds of sources do you need? How many sources are you expected to use? Where do you need to look for sources? Does your instructor require the use of library databases or books? Who can help you? If you do not know how to use a library, you may need to talk to a librarian. If you are required to do an interview, for example, you would need to locate an appropriate person. You must also think about your schedule. You probably lead a very busy life, so you need to set up a timeline or research plan for each of the steps in the writing process and for each of the assignments in this course. Conducting research is very time- consuming, so be sure to plan ahead. Analyze the Audience and the Purpose Before you select a topic, think carefully about your audience and the purpose of your research. Consider the following questions: Why would someone want to read your research paper? What compelling information would they find? What might you assume your audience already knows about your topic? On the other hand, what information may be too difficult for the audience to understand? What type of evidence or support do you need to convince or persuade your audience regarding this topic? Along with analyzing your audience, consider your purpose for writing the paper. Are you trying to persuade, convince, or entertain? In this course, you will be trying to convince your audience to accept
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your viewpoint. Consider the counterarguments your audience might present. How would you address these points? Select a Topic
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Stages of the Research Process - Stages of the Research...

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