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329fall08he2 - ECE 329 Introduction to Electromagnetic...

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ECE 329 Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields Fall 08 University of Illinois Oelze, Kim, Waldrop, Kudeki Exam 2 Thursday, Oct 23, 2008 — 7:00-8:15 PM Name: Section: 8 AM 9 PM 12 Noon 1 PM Please clearly PRINT your name in CAPITAL LETTERS and circle your section in the above boxes. This is a closed book exam and calculators are not allowed. You are allowed one formula sheet of 8.5 by 11 inch dimensions — both sides of the sheet may be used. Please show all your work and make sure to include your reasoning for each answer. All answers should include units wherever appropriate. Problem 1 (25 points) Problem 2 (25 points) Problem 3 (25 points) Problem 4 (25 points) TOTAL (100 points) 1
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1. Consider a transverse electromagnetic wave field propagating in vacuum in + y direction. The field varies co-sinusoidally in time with an angular frequency of ω = 2 π × 10 8 rad/s. The wave polarization is right-hand circular . a) (5 pts) What is the corresponding wavenumber β ?
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