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Mid-Term Speaking Examples Week 1 Focus:  Too/Either Note:   Positive verbs  use  “Too”   If  “not”  is used in the sentence  “Either”  is correct. Verbs like  Hate or Dislike  are negative but still use  “Too” . Examples: Student A:  I watch Baseball on T.V. Student B:  I watch Baseball on T.V.  too. _____________________________________ Student A:  I don’t like that girl. Student B:  I don’t like that girl  either. _____________________________________ Student A:  I hate math. Student B:  I hate math  too. _____________________________________ Week 2 Focus 1:  Infinitive Questions to verb Gerund answers Note:   The   Questions   can   be   simple   but   the   answers   must   offer   additional  information. Example: Student A:  Do you  like to Swim  in Lakes ? Student B:  Yes/No  I Like/Dislike Swimming   in Lakes. Student A
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Midterm+speaking+examples[1] - MidTermSpeakingExamples...

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