SP11 cs188 lecture 1 -- introduction 6PP

SP11 cs188 lecture 1 -- introduction 6PP - Course...

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1 CS 188: Artificial Intelligence Spring 2011 Lecture 1: Introduction 1/19/2011 Pieter Abbeel – UC Berkeley Many slides from Dan Klein. Course Information s Communication: s Announcements on webpage s Questions? Try piazzza! s If not suitable for piazzza, staff email: [email protected] s Office hours: see website for schedule http://inst.cs.berkeley.edu/~cs188 s Course Staff Course Staff Pieter Abbeel GSIs Professor Arjun Singh Jon Barron John Duchi Lubomir Bourdev Course Information s rd s Slides s Prerequisites: s (CS 61A or B) and (Math 55 or CS 70) s Strongly recommended: CS61A, CS61B and CS70 s There will be a lot of math and programming s Self diagnostic s Work and Grading: s 5 programming projects: Python, groups of 1-2 s 5 late days, 2 per project s 4 written assignments: solve together, write-up alone s Midterm: March 16, 6-9pm (tentatively) s Final: May 13, 11:30-2:30pm s Participation s Fixed scale s Academic integrity policy s Contests! Announcements Important this week: P0: Python tutorial going out on Thursday --- due next week Friday One time lab hours next week (specifics TBD) Get your account forms in front after class P1: Search, going out on Monday --- due Friday 2/3 Also important: Sections start next week. You may change sections, but you have seating priority where you are registered. New section coming? • The Waiting list will take a while to sort out. We don’t control enrollment. Contact Michael-David Sasson ([email protected]) with any questions on the process. Today s What is artificial intelligence? s What can AI do? s What is this course?
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2 A (Short) History of AI s 1940-1950: Early days s s 1950: Turing's “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” s 1950—70: Excitement: Look, Ma, no hands! s 1950s: Early AI programs, including s Samuel's checkers program, s Newell & Simon's Logic Theorist, s Gelernter's Geometry Engine s 1956: Dartmouth meeting: “Artificial Intelligence” adopted s 1965: Robinson's complete algorithm for logical reasoning
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SP11 cs188 lecture 1 -- introduction 6PP - Course...

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