SOP chapter 3 Notes SOP

SOP chapter 3 Notes SOP - -soupd up security.-Tougher gun...

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Chapter 3 Notes SOP *1 st two chapters mainly memorization. Serious Offending Rate of violent crime has been decreasing since ’94. April 20, 1991 11:10 am… columbine happened 1. Where they get bombs? 2. Where they get guns? 3. How they shoot so good? 4. What was their plan? 5. Why does it take so long for help to arrive? Violence is prevalent in the school system. Common character for boys responsible for school kills -more than usual experience with guns -isolation, rejection, particular difficulty with ladies. -frail or obese. -history of angry brooding (bitching). -developed a detailed plan for their aggression, sometimes told to others prior to the event. POSSIBLE SCHOOL REFORMS: -uniforms
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Unformatted text preview: -soupd up security.-Tougher gun laws.-offering violence prevention prgms.-restricting access to violent movies.-profiling to predict which students are likely to commit violent crimes (cause much unjust targeting) and increase communication between students and school administrators. The MOST occurring type of school violence in primary school is bullying, in college its hazing and date rape. Zerotolerance policies are ineffective and have the potential to stigmatize and harm a variety of mistakenly identified individuals. Policy Evaluator: provides data to answer questions like I made some changes, how do I know if they work?...
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SOP chapter 3 Notes SOP - -soupd up security.-Tougher gun...

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