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Notes for Physical Evidence Power Point

Notes for Physical Evidence Power Point - • Shoe prints...

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Notes for Physical Evidence Power Point The way evidence is interpreted determines its credibility. Evidence never lies. Edmond Locard’s Exchange Principal: Whenever two objects come into contact with one another, there is an exchange of materials between them. (Also invented 1 st crime lab) Drugs, explosives, fibers, firearms, glass, paint, petrol, plastic, and documents are common forms of evidence found at a crime scene. Impression evidence is any evidence left behind after something contacts a surface. Only use your tools at a crime scene, beware of booby traps. It is not uncommon for there to be blood born hazards at a crime scene. Evidence is given a unique ID number. The number dies with the evidence. Identification is the determination of physical or chemical identity with as near certainty as analytical technique permits.
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Unformatted text preview: • Shoe prints become unique over time as the shoe is worn more. • *Ted Bundy caught by the skin of his teeth. • Friction ridged skin all around your fingers and on hand (prints that are taken should be wide). • In over 100 years of research, no two fingerprints have been found to match. • *Product rule is applied through random association. (multiply the probability of the events together and that’s the overall probability of all events happening). • *(KNOW FOR EXAM) Forensic Data Bases: IAFIS (integrated automated fingerprint id system), CODIS (combined DNA indexing system), NIBIN (national integrated ballistics information network), PDQ (paint data query), SICAR(shoe print image capture and retrieval) • CODIS consists of NDIS (national), SDIS(state), and LDIS(local) DNA databases....
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