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Notes for Power point on Crime Scenes Recognize a crime has been committed Secure and isolate the crime scene.- -1 st officer on scene is responsible for eliminating dangers and securing suspects. Documentation: photography, sketches, notes. Look up and look down at a crime scene (blood spatter and other evidence can end up in or on the ceiling) Often times the murder weapon is under the victim’s body. At the center of every crime investigation there must be evidence. It can be helpful to photograph rooms not associated with the crime scene. There are 5 primary search methods used at a crime scene: Spiral, Grid, Strip, Zone, and Vehicles. The Chain of Custody documents whose hands the evidence has been in.
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Unformatted text preview: • Substrate controls is the sampling of surfaces near by the crime scene where evidence is not suspected. • Evidence is often times delivered through the mail. • If there are any flaws in evidence packaging or in its description, the evidence is returned to sender. • Tyvex suits are worn by investigators, anything they wear that is not to be thrown out, must go through a decontamination process. • 4 th amendment rights protect people against all searches without probable cause. • There are certain emergencies when searches can be done quickly, like in the event evidence might be destroyed to soon....
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  • Spring '09
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  • Forensic evidence, Crime scene, Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Bloodstain pattern analysis

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