Interfaces and communication messages

Interfaces and communication messages - Communicate with...

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Top level objects communicates with incoming outgoing Graphical Interface/Central Computer Communicates with the door/choke, waveguide, magnetron, and cooking cavity. Incoming messages are from the user (power, timing, etc.), also from the door, which tells the GUI whether the waveguide is safe to activate. Outgoing signals tell the magnetron to begin making the waves, the cooking cavity to spin, displays time on the screen. Door Communicates with the GUI to ensure the microwave can only activate if the door is closed or after engaging the choke. Only incoming message comes from the choke which tells if the door is opened or not. Outgoing signal from the choke tell the door whenever it opens or closes, it inform the GUI which turns off the device when the door opens. Microwave waveguide/magnetron
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Unformatted text preview: Communicate with the GUI, door, and choke. Incoming messages from the GUI to either start or stop generating waves, setting the power, and mode. Outgoing signals to the GUI to inform it of its status and time remaining. Cooking Cavity Communicates with the GUI Incoming messages from the GUI to tell it when to start/stop. No outgoing signals The GUI must display the amount of time remaining in each cycle. In addition, it needs to show the user whether the microwave is on or off. The advantage having componentized system is that if one of the internal components breaks, they can be replaced without replacing the entire microwave. (I was unsure as to whether to include the view screen on the door, which allows the user to view the item in the microwave)...
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Interfaces and communication messages - Communicate with...

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