Iteration Control Structure

Iteration Control Structure - Set Starting_Distance =...

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Process 1. Get distance from apple 2. Get worm length 3. Calculate movement distance 4. Output result Input Processes Output Worm Length (user input) Get Worm Length Worm Length Distance from apple (user input) Get Apple Distance Distance from apple Distance, Length Output Result Worm ate apple (to display) Main Module Declare Worm_Length as real Declare Inches as real Declare Starting_Distance as real Declare Remaining_Distance as real Declare Distance_Moved as real Call Movement Module Call Output Module End Main Module Movement Module Set Worm_Length = Inches
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Unformatted text preview: Set Starting_Distance = Inches Set Distance_Moved = Worm_Length * 1 Set Remaining_Distance = Starting_Distance Distance_Moved While Remaining_Distance => 0 Repeat Distance_Moved = + 1 Until Remaining_Distance =< 0 End if End Movement Module Output Module Write Worm ate apple End Output Module Yes No Yes No Yes Is there any tutoring for this course because I am still having trouble? I do not want to fail this course. Is there way I could call you to get some things clarified?...
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Iteration Control Structure - Set Starting_Distance =...

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