work - My age is somewhat of a handy-cap When I attended...

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I feel what makes writing an essay is easier for me is because I value my word usage. I make sure that it fits the subject that I feel passionate very about. I know what I would like to say and how to present it to my audience. The key to most writing is to find what makes it easier for us to write about, and for us who write it to present it that way. To decide what topic to choose one should focus on topics and what they are passionate about or knowledgeable on. I feel writing is a good way to express one’s self, or your ideas , and /or to get one’s point across. What makes writing difficult for me is using the right format or structure.
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Unformatted text preview: My age is somewhat of a handy-cap. When I attended school, we did not focus on whether it was MLA or APA format. We just wrote what we wanted to say, and that was it. I am also having difficulty with choosing the right word to express what I have to say My peer writing has had a great impact on me, because when I do not know how to start. I look at what one of my peers have writing and go off their format. For me having going back to school online and having kids who are also attending college has help me greatly. They keep me focus and say, “Hey mom you are doing it wrong .”...
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