Race and My Communit - Running head RACE AND MY COMMUNITY...

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Running head: RACE AND MY COMMUNITY 1 Race and My Community Timothy N. Stelly II ETH125 June 19, 2011 Edward Sinclair
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RACE AND MY COMMUNITY 2 Race and My Community Within my community there are several different races, most of which do not look like me. My community is largely comprised of Caucasian Americans and Asian Americans whereas I am an African American. There are several other small groups of minority races that define my community as well. Often times within my community I get the “cold stare” from some of the neighbors (as if I do not deserve to be here). Although I am friendly with some of my neighbors, I hear them make comments that I consider racially offensive. For instance, me and one of my neighbors were sitting on my porch having a drink when a car full of young African American males pulled up playing there music, my neighbor looked at me and asked, “Whose house do you think they are going to break into.” This is how most people who are not from that community are treated. I have noticed a growing trend in Stockton, CA those in power feel that in order to improve the conditions of lower income neighborhoods they simply rebuild them into nicer communities that are more expensive. What this does is remove those who cannot afford the hiked-up rent and in their eyes removes the criminal element. However, in all actuality all this does is remove those who rely on low-income housing to survive and brings a new face to the community.one thing I think that they do not take into consideration is how hard it is for minorities to get a job. In example, I am a certified journeyman electrician, but every time I apply for a job, they tell me either I am too qualified or they found a candidate who is willing to take less money. How can a candidate be too qualified? There are not many things that the community and I have in common except one thing, I want my family to be safe as well as they want theirs to be safe. There are several things we do not have in common, such as – I like being surrounded by my family, and I love to play music.
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Race and My Communit - Running head RACE AND MY COMMUNITY...

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