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Unformatted text preview: 2325 Anacapa University of Santa Barbara, California Goleta CA, 93107 21st November 2010 Dear [...] My name is Hanna Mendoza and I am a British undergraduate in Political Science at the UC Santa Barbara. I would like to tell you about a project I plan to start here on campus. to utilize the enorm- ous skill set of UCSB students to help small businesses and organizations in developing countries grow through becoming web based. My interest in this field was sparked by a 2009 trip to Brazil after I graduated from high school. I worked in the ‘Lar da Crianca’ orphanage and taught English in Salvador, but never felt satisfied that I was doing enough. I saw no legacy from my work and felt like a very insignificant person fa- cing a very significant problem. Just before I became completely disenchanted with the whole concept of volunteering, I stumbled upon an idea that completely changed my outlook. There was a small population of middle class local residents who knew about the orphanage and who were...
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