11 - • Four processes • Once a species is extinct it is...

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Environmental Science 2: Biodiversity 22:05 We are losing 130 species/day but most of those species are fungi and bacteria 8000+ plant species in California  Biodiversity is Important because of: Ecosystem function, services Ethics, values Basic Concepts of Biodiversity: Genetic diversity Species diversity  o Species richness o Species evenness o Species dominance Functional diversity Habitat diversity Types of species: Indigenous Introduced Invasive Exotic Diversity- ecosystem function Threatened and endangered species Biodiversity conservation
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Env S 2 Lecture 22:05 Biological evolution : Origin of species- Charles Darwin Can result in new species or adaptation of existing species
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Unformatted text preview: • Four processes • Once a species is extinct it is gone forever • Makes sense of life we observe in the field and laboratory (only theory that does) Four processes of evolution : • Mutation • Migration (geographic isolation) • Genetic drift • Natural selection Diversity- ecosystem function Factors that can affect biodiversity: • Heterogeneity of environment • Species interactions and community effect o Competition—negative for both o Symbiosis—positive for both o Predation—benefits one, detrimental to other o Parasitism—benefits one • Disturbance • Fragmentation • Migration, invasive species 22:05...
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11 - • Four processes • Once a species is extinct it is...

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