7 - Serpentine Grasslands: • Serpentine soils: dry,...

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Env. Science 2: 3/7/11 22:02 Air basin: A land area with generally similar meteorological and geographic conditions  throughout. To the extent possible, air basin boundaries are defined along  political boundary lines and include both the source and receptor areas.  California currently divided into 15 air basins The bay Checkerspot butterfly: Threatened species Inhabits serpentine grasslands—san Francisco Bay Area Host plants o Plantago erecta o Castilleja densiflora o Castilleja exserta
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Unformatted text preview: Serpentine Grasslands: • Serpentine soils: dry, nutrient poor, and sometimes toxic conditions (the “serpentine syndrome” Kruckeberg 1984 • Impedes invasion by European annual grasses, allowing persistence of native bunchgrasses and forbs o Serpentine endemics o Host plants for the Bay checkerspot butterfly • Hypothesis: Hydrogen deposition from air pollution facilitates invasion of European annual grasses Santa Clara 22:02 22:02...
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7 - Serpentine Grasslands: • Serpentine soils: dry,...

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