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anthro final paper title page - understand what causes...

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Overworked and Underpaid: The Effects of Sweatshops on Vietnamese Culture Scott Pantoskey Anthropology 2 Spring 2011 TA: Madeleine Smith Section: Thursday at 6p.m. Abstract: Sweatshops have been prevalent in many poor cities and developing countries and are directly related to cheap labor, long hours, poor working conditions, and no job security. Because the workers must adapt and work together to get through the cruel working conditions, they often retaliate and form strikes and other forms of rebellion. I plan to research deep into the lives of the Vietnamese workers and gain an insider perspective of the effects of sweatshops on their culture. I want to better
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Unformatted text preview: understand what causes people to join sweatshops and what their feelings are toward them. Through an unbiased and emic approach, I wish to understand why there are sweatshops in Vietnam and what positive and negative effects they have on Vietnamese culture. References Cited: Glewwe, Paul. 2000. Minnesota Agricultural Economist: Are Foreign-Owned Businesses in Vietnam Really Sweatshops? St. Paul, MN: Department of Applied Economics. Wang, Hong-Zen. 2005. Asian Transnational Corporations and Labor Rights: Vietnamese Trade Unions in Taiwan-Invested Companies....
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anthro final paper title page - understand what causes...

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