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anthro synopses - The two most critical themes of...

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The two most critical themes of Anthropology that continue to attract people to the subject are our quest to gain knowledge and knowledge of people different from ourselves and our desire to learn more about ourselves through the exploration of other cultures. Anthropology is the scientific and humanistic study of human beings. Anthropology studies the evolutionary history of human beings (through human paleontology), physical variation between humans (through primatology), and the comparative analysis between past and current societies and cultures (through archaeology). A Society is a group of people who depend on each other for survival and well-being. A Culture is the way members of a society adapt to their environment and give meaning to their lives. Nearly all human beings are ethnocentric , or they consider their culture and behavior to be superior and natural. Anthropologists use Cultural Relativism to understand other cultures within their own contexts without passing judgment. Anthropology is
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