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Aztec essay: Religion Mortals to be sacrificed for the thirst of the gods (religion and war) The shrine or holy place was caked in blood (they fought for there independence and thief religion reflected their warfare “Stench was worse than a slaughterhouse in Spain” Many items burnt before their idols Imperialistic empire of the Aztecs thrived off of tribute which came in many forms (goods, flesh etc. .) Believed manhood and army were one; as a baby they were sprayed with water and held up to the gods, to serve them for their whole lives Boys life would be dedicated and served under the god of war and sun Huitzilopochtli; each night the sun god fought against the moon and the stars relates to the Aztecs constantly fighting battles and was victorious at dawn where he rose again; he was the model for every young warrior; he was so exhausted from
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