Human Sacrifice essay

Human Sacrifice essay - Human Sacrifice: Then and Now...

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Unformatted text preview: Human Sacrifice: Then and Now Throughout our history, human sacrifice has been a recurring theme and variations of it are still practiced today in the United States. Human sacrifice is the act of killing human beings as part of a religious ritual (ritual killing) 1 and was an honorable tradition during the Teotihuacan civilization in an effort to appease their Gods. In addition, the United States execution of convicted terrorists (the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion) 2 in the 21 st century also deals with the killings of human beings although under different circumstances. The context human sacrifice represented in Teotihuacan and the execution of convicted terrorists in the United States in the 21 st century are not comparable on the basis that the United States was solely trying to maintain justice and safety as human sacrifice and Teotihuacan was using it as a religious ritual and the glorification of their gods. Cultural ideologies vary from culture to culture because of the different norms and values of what is considered right or wrong. During the Teotihuacan civilization, human sacrifice was a prominent and common event held at rituals to appease their gods. In contrast, the United States reasoning behind executing terrorists is to preserve justice and look after the well being of its...
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Human Sacrifice essay - Human Sacrifice: Then and Now...

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