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Colonialism was a major aspect in the 19 th and 20 th centuries. Colonizers thought they were doing the colonized a favor. Colonialism needed to be profitable. Pillage and plunder, or the stealing of gold, silver, minerals, arts, artifacts, or even humans and bringing them back to Europe. Pillage and plunder was only a temporary technique to gain profit as countries realized these resources are finite. Colonizers also reorganized the colonized peoples modes of production to gear them toward subsistence and also created monoculture plantations and introduced cash crop agriculture. Although, in order to get the colonized peoples to cooperate, they had to use guns and whips, taxes, and the expropriation of land. Colonizers had to suppress subsistence agriculture because they wanted the colonized peoples to depend on them for both money and food and so that they would work in the plantations. The inability of people to feed themselves was the result of colonialism. Colonialism is the reason for two different worlds, enriching the
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