Ocean Atmosphere Chapter 6

Ocean Atmosphere Chapter 6 - chemical oceanography Justus...

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Ocean Atmosphere Chapter 6 Ch.6: The study of chemicals in the ocean and their distributions. Motivation: . Chemistry affects life in ocean and vice versa . Chemistry is important for climate . Physical properties affected by chemistry (salinity) . Atmosphere is affected by ocean chemistry and vice versa . Pollution is often chemical issue . Extraction of marine resources . Production of fresh water from saltwater Aristotle : Salts in water from “earthly mixture”, rain from evaporation of the ocean mixture Robert Boyle : River and lake waters contain dissolved substances Halley : first Estimates of rates of precipitation and evaporation Luigi Marsigly : Measured the “saltness” of seawater Lavoisier : First semi quantitative identification of several major constituents Gay Lussac : Coins the terms salinity and water column Alex Marcet : Relative constancy in the ratios of major salts. Ratios established in 1884 William Dittmar : Analysis of data collected by the Challenger: precursor of modern
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Unformatted text preview: chemical oceanography Justus von Liebig : Law of the minimum British ship HMS Challenger: 1872-1876 . Went around the world and discovered 4700 unknown species . 492 deep-sea soundings . Law of minimum: states that growth of plants is limited by a single element, the one that is available at lowest supply rate. Iron (Fe) is often thought to be the limiter in Open Ocean . James Johnstone (1908): exchanges of chemical elements in plants and animals and the cycling of matter between biotic and abiotic world. (Biogeochemical cycles – exchanges and cycling of matter through biological, geological, and chemical processes. . Understanding Earth as a system (Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky) integrates biosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere and the atmosphere. . Alfred Redfield, in 1934,published data indicating a fixed ration of Carbon, Nitrogen, and phosphorous (Redfield ratio)...
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Ocean Atmosphere Chapter 6 - chemical oceanography Justus...

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