Ocean Atmosphere Chapter 6

Ocean Atmosphere Chapter 6 - chemical oceanography Justus...

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Ocean Atmosphere Chapter 6 Ch.6: The study of chemicals in the ocean and their distributions. Motivation: . Chemistry affects life in ocean and vice versa . Chemistry is important for climate . Physical properties affected by chemistry (salinity) . Atmosphere is affected by ocean chemistry and vice versa . Pollution is often chemical issue . Extraction of marine resources . Production of fresh water from saltwater Aristotle : Salts in water from “earthly mixture”, rain from evaporation of the ocean mixture Robert Boyle : River and lake waters contain dissolved substances Halley : first Estimates of rates of precipitation and evaporation Luigi Marsigly : Measured the “saltness” of seawater Lavoisier : First semi quantitative identification of several major constituents Gay Lussac : Coins the terms salinity and water column Alex Marcet : Relative constancy in the ratios of major salts. Ratios established in 1884 William Dittmar : Analysis of data collected by the Challenger: precursor of modern
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Unformatted text preview: chemical oceanography Justus von Liebig : Law of the minimum British ship HMS Challenger: 1872-1876 . Went around the world and discovered 4700 unknown species . 492 deep-sea soundings . Law of minimum: states that growth of plants is limited by a single element, the one that is available at lowest supply rate. Iron (Fe) is often thought to be the limiter in Open Ocean . James Johnstone (1908): exchanges of chemical elements in plants and animals and the cycling of matter between biotic and abiotic world. (Biogeochemical cycles exchanges and cycling of matter through biological, geological, and chemical processes. . Understanding Earth as a system (Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky) integrates biosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere and the atmosphere. . Alfred Redfield, in 1934,published data indicating a fixed ration of Carbon, Nitrogen, and phosphorous (Redfield ratio)...
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Ocean Atmosphere Chapter 6 - chemical oceanography Justus...

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